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Current Issues

This page is dedicated to current happenings related to Christian Apologetics. You might find links to news stories, book reviews, blog posts, and more.

Richard Dawkins has had his day, says Ravi Zacharias

Published 11/15/2014 | Mark Woods

The 'new atheists' have had their day, says Ravi Zacharias.

Speaking to Christian Today, the author and speaker who chairs the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) said that "the tide is turning" for Christians.

Intellectual Fisticuffs: Some Thoughts on the Apologetics Subculture

Published 11/10/2014 | Mark Shea

In 1998, I was asked to give a talk at my parish on my conversion to the Catholic Faith. The local Catholic bookstore set up a table of various materials on the Catholic faith and as I perused them, I was struck by the fact that virtually none of these materials had existed when I came into the Church in 1987. Today, if I were to walk into that bookstore, I would find, not only the materials under which that table groaned in 1998, but a still greater torrent of books, videos, DVDs and CDs, a vast number of them created by converts. Clearly there have been some big changes in the past twenty years. But before I discuss them, let me digress a bit.

Doing Apologetics from an Urban Perspective

Published 09/29/2014 | Ramon Mayo

UrbanFaith talks with Chris Brooks about his book, Urban Apologetics, the significance of apologetics for evangelism, and some of the unlikely voices in apologetics.

We’ve all been there. We are engaged in a conversation with a friend about Christ and they bring up a question that we are not prepared for. They have an intellectual objection that we never thought of and we don’t have an answer. Many Christians fear sharing their faith due to moments like this. These moments are the reason apologetics exists. Apologetics is the term given for the Christian defense of the faith. Chris Brooks is the senior pastor of Evangel Ministries and also the founder and president of the Detroit Bible Institute. He also hosts a Detroit-aired daily radio show, “Equipped For Life,”and is the newly appointed Campus Dean of Moody Theological Seminary Michigan. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Chris over about his new book “Urban Apologetics” and apologetics in general.